Sunday, November 22, 2009

The second half of the handout I recieved at the End the Fed rally today. This one is titled Serving Notice.

Time is limited, China, oil rich Russia and Mid East Countries and many others that have been buying our Treasury Bonds to finance our delusional incompetent corrupt government spending and the lack of recognition of danger, much less objection by the Socialist that still support them. The socialist are acting in ignorance, like a 3rd world country would. The lending countries people are not ignorant of how irresponsible and dangerous these actions are. So we have a choice now, do nothing as far as obecting to the actions and debt that will be in effect excepting the debt, leading to debt slavery.. Or take the next step and serve notice to the politicians and the people that we reject it. I called the politicians today and read the statement below to them. Also on talk radio they said that the people in Europe and I would think most of the rest of the world were not told or reported of all the tea party rallies against our out of control government. Anyone with connections there we need to let them know about the rallies, protests and our objections. (His grammar is a blood bath)

Let it be known that I, as a legal citizen of the USA, have been an active member of conservative groups in contacting people and politicians, going to the rallies including at Washington DC on 9-12-09, in our efforts to constrain the out of control actions and spending of both Republican and Democrat Socialists in violating the law and our Constitution.

We the people as evidenced by the declining poll ratings, the many emails, letters, phone calls, the objections at the facade of town hall meetings, have assembled before our government in wide spread, large and vast rallies in our towns, cities and our nations capital Washington DC, petition for grievances, object to and reject the actions, bills, spending, debt, the violations of our Constitution the highest law of the land the attacks on Freedom of Speech, the repeated lies and deceit, the criminal actions of ACORN, the violations of rule of law in usurping contractual rights of GM bond holders and many others, usurping the reliable property rights of the car dealerships and others. The nationalizing and government central control of car company banks, insurance Co. brokerage Co. Mortgage Co. the attempted Nationalizing of the Health care Co and much more. These are the criminal actions of 3rd World Corrupt Evil Dictatorships and communist dictators. the illegal fraudulent spending, oppressive controls and attacks on people businesses have damaged the people, economy, the Dollar, The Worlds Reserve Currency, our country, and the world These are crimes against our people, Country and humanity. These kinds of actions have devastated many countries through out history and in our own times including Argentina, Zimbabwe and many others. We are serving notice that we object to media criminal organization. WE did not authorize it, benefit from it, and we have been and are being harmed by it. The said perpetrators have illegally enacted it, have been and are the ones benefiting from it financially and in usurping power, so it is their private debt not our public debt. We demand that those involved Cease and Desist all further lies, Deceit, unconstitutional and illegal actions, Demand redress of same, resending these criminal actions and paying back the ill gotten gains.
Jim Fitch

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