Sunday, November 22, 2009

A hand out I got at the End the Fed rally today. Titled Government health rationing.

Government Health Care does not work in other countries, it causes rationing, Long delayed care and treatment, delayed care is denied care. Passing public health care would be acting against the will of the people, we have called, written, protested all the way to Washington DC. that we Object, Reject and will not Comply with illegal, unconstitutional government actions. It would be absolutely unconstitutional, illegal, acting as a dictatorship. it would be devastating to the economy, the Dollar, our health care industry and the people of our country. It would cause misallocations for funds, labor and care. It would be perpetrated and are being perpetrated, like teh car dealerships being closed as just one example. It would be pushing us into Communism, just as it has been done many times in the past and in our own times. Communism always has corruption, because it is based on lies and is a fraud. It claims to be fair and equal, the people get equal poverty, the government leaders have the power and wealth while the people have to do their will, being surfs or slaves, that is what you have with dictatorships. But is just supremacist government dictating without the consent of the people, acting as slave masters. In the former USSR, the saying of the people was that, we claim to work, while the government claims to pay us.

People either have Freedom and Liberty or they have Tyranny, there are no exceptions. The communists have given up on it because it does not work, because it violated human nature, taking away the motivation to work hard and effectively, innovate and invent, there by causing poverty, desperation, despair, human rights violations by the government trying to impose it, political prisoners, torture, unrest, death and destruction and war, that is the history of Communism. People try to flee Communism, that is why they build walls to keep their people in. People flee to countries with FREEDOM and LIBERTY to escape the TYRANNY, OPPRESSION and POVERTY. What has enabled the USA to have the Freedom, Liberty, Prosperity, Cleain air (CO2 is not a pollutant, plants breather CO2), water and parks, Security (Peace most of the times in our history).

Communist, Fascist, National Socialist and dictatorship countries are the ones that (with aggressions against other countries) cause wars with death and destruction, have showed to have no respect for the environment, there by the worst pollution and environmental damages, throughout history and in our own times. If you do not believe me, do the research or try living in one of these countries. The socialist Communist lie about almost everything, CO2, Bailouts (misallocations of funds, perpetuating failure), helping the poor (they cause the poor and perpetuate the poor because the "War on poverty" and government interventions), destroy businesses, killing jobs and hope, why would you believe in anything they say? In the 10 Commandments, Honor thy mother and father, honoring them is listening to them and respecting their opinions and beliefs. These health rationing bills, Obama saying tell them to take some pain pills, instead of treatment is showing contempt, stealing their prosperity and there for their life, killing them. they are the ones that have blessed us with the prosperity that we have had until the Socialist Communist have imposed so much government interference (Bush and Ovama), that it has damaged the economy Severally, causing so much unemployment, poverty and hopelessness

Jim Fitch

Damn his grammar needs tweeked a little but I agree with his message.

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