Friday, August 14, 2009

First blog / Vaccine information

Hey hey its the first blog so let me first start off by saying this.. My writing style is something you can either love or hate. I'm not a fan of using punctuation or correct spelling in all situations.. I'll try my best, but if you came here to give an english lesson piss off:P. With that being said the first topic I want to rant about is/are vaccines.

If you've been watching any of the mainstream (4th Branch of the Government) news agencies lately I'm sure you've seen some type of fear mongering with the new improved H1N1 flu virus.. I know some people's unconscious psychological programing turns their brain off whenever they hear me or anyone else start to talk about the government being behind such a thing.. But lets look at a few of the facts..

1. Normally (ie every other flu case) the flu starts out in the fall. However this flu started in the early spring. Not only that it started in Mexico supposedly.. When every other flu starts in Asia.

2. Normally a flu will mutate into a less harmful version of its self, if not an entirely harmless version. However since almost day 1 the government, the media, and the WHO ( World Health Organization ) have been telling us that this flu is not only deadly right now, and not if but when it comes back in the fall it will be kicking ass and taking names.

3. For the first time since its conception we are under the WHO's Level 6 Pandemic Emergency. And their action/response continuum calls for forced inoculations, martial law, and quarantines..

4. The Dangerous, The dastardly, The deadly H1N1 virus has infected thousands, and killed like what ?? 100?200?, and every single death was linked to some other pre existing health condition. (HIV/aids, hemophilia, etc)

5. The regular seasonal flu kills on average 36,000 people a year...

6. And just for times sake I will end at 6. The H1N1 flu virus as many epidemiologists, and virologists have said that this flu is unlike anything ever seen before in recorded history. The virus is in its own class.. It carries the genes of a bird, pig, some insects, and 2 forms of highly contagious Human flu. And yet the only cases we can find are in humans.. Pigs aren't catching it.. neither are birds.

I'm by no means a genius when it comes to epidemiology or virology.. I've just looked at previous flu trends, and listened to several epidemiologists.. I think out of 8 that I heard talk about it only 1 said it looked natural the other 7 said it definetly looked created..

With that being said let me state for the first of many times.. I don't want you to believe what I say.. I don't want you to believe the videos I post... Nor do I want you to just swallow the information I give you... I want you to read what I have to say and research it for yourjself.. Its time to break your psychological conditioning put your big boy/girl pants on and start thinking for yourselves..

Now lets talk about vaccines.. The last swine flu episode of 1976 was hyped... And out of that hype there was a vaccine program created that lasted 10 weeks.. and in that 10 week period some 40 million people lined up to take the shot... Watch these 60 minutes clips to see how that turned out for those Americans who rolled up their sleeves to take the shot.. Part 1 Part 2

In this 60 minutes special you will see the government propaganda that led almost to mass hysteria.. They tried in 76 just like they are trying today to scare you into taking a shot.. In this video you will also see just what happens to well meaning, innocent, and uninformed people when they take vaccines.. The government knew these shots were deadly... They knew they caused neurological disorders... But they didn't care.. Why? That can be debated all day.. The government will tell you they had no idea.. The news will tell you it was for profit.. But I will tell you this... It was for eugenics..

Here are some more clips dealing with the safety of vaccines..

(In this first link you will find a video posted on Liveleak along with a short blurb.. In the video you will see an interview with a top vaccine scientist.. The piece of shit admits to having played a role in inserting cancer viruses into our vaccines to the psychotic laughter of his interviewers.. This isn't a game.. This isn't a fucking joke..)

(In the second link you will find a news broadcast from MSNBC admitting that Bayer knowingly dumped a medication for hemophiliacs [Primarily Children] called Factor 8 that had LIVE HIV into other countries around the world.. They tried dumping it here in the USA but the FDA wouldn't allow it.. However the FDA had no problem with Bayer selling its shit elsewhere.)

(The above link will take you to the Alex Jones show.. Where he reports on foreign news reporting that the pharmaceutical company Baxter sent out flu vaccines with a LIVE H5N1 BIRD FLU VIRUS INSIDE THE VACCINE ITSELF!! Alex Jones was the only reporter in the United States to report on this story.. Even though it was reported in 18 different countries.)

(In the link above you'll see a news report talking about how they put MERCURY INTO OUR VACCINES)

(Annnnd heres a news report citing a new government study saying that Mercury is good for you... Vitamin M bitches!!)

During the short time I've spent researching the shit that they want to put in our bodies I've decided I will never take another shot.. For any reason...

Bringing me to my final point in this blog.. Now that we are under the World Health Organizations Level 6 pandemic status we can be subjected to anytime to a forced shot.. It doesn't have to be proven effective.. You cannot have a personal, religious, or any kind of exemption, and you can be jailed if you refuse to take the shot.. Why are all of the governments around the world preparing to shoot us up? Especially for a flu that has only a fraction of the death toll that a seasonal flu has? Why do they purposely put viruses, and heavy metals into our shots? Making them literal forced poison? These are all good questions. Sadly its late, and I won't be answering them in this blog.. If you want to know why just go to and watch Endgame by Alex Jones.

In closing let me leave you with 2 final clips that I think you should see.. I am a huge believer that the powers at be use predictive programing to prepare us ahead of time for what they plan on doing.. But thats something I'll get into in a later blog.. For now just check out these 2 MTV commercials that aired for seemingly no fucking reason, and then an interlude by the only person I trust in mainstream media Lou Dobbs..

(For a higher quality version of the Martial law commercials here you go.. )

Thanks for reading.. Research what I've put to blog, and show your friends and family..

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